Drug in Zagreb, 5.8.2020, at 18.00

Drug is a dance performance based on movement practice by Vigur Gurdu that plays with the idea of the other. At the entrance of MSU you will find Vigur dressed in a t-shirt displaying the website drug.upri.se If you approach him and check what he is doing he will most probably explain you that he […]

Drug at Avenue Mall in Zagreb, 29th June 2020 at 18.00

Yes, it’s time to publish again where we do Drug 🙂 Well, as it were, you will see Vigur with a drug.upri.se t-shirt and you can join him in his endeavor. For more info vigur.gurdu@gmail.com What can you do when you see Vigur doing Drug? You are welcome to approach him and ask him “What […]

Tracing and trace

In the book Darinka Novak Maja Dekleva Lapajne wrote about improvising being connected to the tracing. She claims that tracing is the key of imrpovisation, it consists of listening and processing what you heard and then give trace as well. Then I stumbled on Derrida talking about trace (Tracing and trace) and then I connected […]

Knit the connection

Knitting in Slovenian means vezenje. It is connected to the verb to connect (povezati) and vez means connection. The signs ‘drug’ on the dresses is thus connected with a filament. As the use of expression ‘drug’ is connected to ‘vez’. Everything is literal and lateral. Also the damage. And bliss as well. This aswellness and […]