Tracing and trace

In the book Darinka Novak Maja Dekleva Lapajne wrote about improvising being connected to the tracing. She claims that tracing is the key of imrpovisation, it consists of listening and processing what you heard and then give trace as well. Then I stumbled on Derrida talking about trace (Tracing and trace) and then I connected all to Drug.

Drug is about listening and tracing and go to unpresent presence. It is to take rhizome into account, being the thing underground, something behind, before, after, not visible, not present. For me it means to take most of what is into account of what we do.

And the game of Drug I believe maximizes possibilities for such trace to realize in the experience of unpresent presence 🙂

Knit the connection

Knitting in Slovenian means vezenje. It is connected to the verb to connect (povezati) and vez means connection. The signs ‘drug’ on the dresses is thus connected with a filament. As the use of expression ‘drug’ is connected to ‘vez’. Everything is literal and lateral. Also the damage. And bliss as well. This aswellness and the literal and the lateral make crucial part of the principle