Drug in Zagreb, 5.8.2020, at 18.00

Drug is a dance performance based on movement practice by Vigur Gurdu that plays with the idea of the other. At the entrance of MSU you will find Vigur dressed in a t-shirt displaying the website drug.upri.se If you approach him and check what he is doing he will most probably explain you that he […]

Drug at Avenue Mall in Zagreb, 29th June 2020 at 18.00

Yes, it’s time to publish again where we do Drug 🙂 Well, as it were, you will see Vigur with a drug.upri.se t-shirt and you can join him in his endeavor. For more info vigur.gurdu@gmail.com What can you do when you see Vigur doing Drug? You are welcome to approach him and ask him “What […]